Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Get Excited Over Small Ideas

Today I was sitting at my desk trying to come up with a concept for a video and feeling 'writer's block'. After watching a few videos, reading some past reflections and student work on the topic, the idea hit me. It got me so excited for a video I had no direction in before and I had to tell someone. Even though the other person may have not shared the same level of excitement with me I was re-energized and ready to push forward full steam with enthusiasm once again.

It doesn't really matter what the idea was, but it's important to take away the fact that our students will have these moments too and we have a choice to make: we either embrace it and let them run with it or we stick to our plan. If we choose to squash the enthusiasm, you often squash the learning that follows. Small ideas and excitement may not always turn out the way planned but you can guarantee if a student is inspired and empowered to live out the ideas, the results are well worth the time and energy it takes to see them transpire into something great. 

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