Monday, 20 April 2015

Holding On When the Countdown Is On

We’ve got 10 weeks left of school right now. For some teachers, that means counting down until summer, trying to get reports done and easing into 2 months of summer. While I’ve never been a fan of the countdown and the effect it has on the students. This year is a little bit different and I’m very much aware of the countdown, but for different reasons.

Next year I am moving into the role of Technology Coach at my school and I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity and the year ahead. I will have the pleasure of working with talented teachers and passionate students at all year levels. But in the transition, I’m going to be leaving behind a part of the job that I have grown to love more than anything - my own class of kiddos.

Being a homeroom teacher is an experience that has been so rewarding over the past few years. I absolutely love seeing the faces of my kids each morning and just wondering what’s going to happen that day. The relationships we have built in our classroom are truly special and I am so grateful for how much they teach me each and every day. They let me throw anything at them and they take it in stride. Together, they create an environment that is challenging, exciting and enjoyable to work in each and every day. They tell me when I’m wrong and shower me in their affection. Together, they build on each other's ideas and have taken learning to a level I had never imagined. They have taken over the class, designed our classroom, taught lessons, developed courses, and been a constant source of inspiration.

I am away for 3 days from them right now due to a conference and I feel a bit like a crazy parent worried about them and if they’re managing without me. I was sent off at the end of the day before I left with hugs and assurance they would manage just fine with the supply teacher. But in reality, it’s more me managing without them that should be the concern,  knowing that our days together are numbered.

It’s going to be hard not having a class to call my own next year. It’s dawning on me more and more as the last day of school draws nearer of the drastic change I’m about to jump into. I have no idea of what my career holds and am unsure if I will ever end up back in the classroom again as a homeroom teacher now that I’m transitioning out. So as some countdown to the number of days before summer, I’m trying to hold on to every day that’s left with my students, trying to enjoy each day and make it a memorable last few weeks.

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